Loving 🫲❤️🫱 Hands


Target audience

I massage women and men alike – and you who identify as something else. We are social animals, and regardless of our gender, we need loving physical contact with others.

You must be at least 18 years old, psychologically stable, and capable of taking care of yourself. Despite being fairly empathic I don’t do therapy, nor can I read your mind, so if you are very vulnerable we need to have a thorough conversation to assess whether receiving a session from me is in your best interest.


The framework for the session consists of a number of things: The physical environment, the duration of the session, the conversations before and after, and – not least – the agreements we make about how the massage is done.

The sessions take place in my home, as I don’t have a proper clinic. What I do have is beautiful natural surroundings and a spacious, welcoming living room with a soothing energy – and this is where the massage will happen; on a futon on the floor, possibly with a fire on in the stove.

Once here, you can settle in with ‘a nice cuppa’. That would usually mean homemade masala chai. Most people love it, but other options are available too. This is also our time for a pre-massage conversation where we will discuss intentions, special considerations, wishes and boundaries and such, and at the same time get attuned to each other. Thus, the conversation will be the base upon which the massage will be designed.

The conversation can take anything from 15 to 45 minutes (rarely). The massage normally takes two hours, but this too can vary. It may feel complete after 90 minutes. Conversely, it may not feel complete even after two hours, and we can go a bit longer then. If you are on a tight schedule however, I can manage the time accordingly. After the massage, you will have time to rest and integrate your experience before geting up and getting dressed. If you feel like talking and sharing your experience, I welcome your feedback. But it is not uncommon for people to feel very quiet after a massage, and that is perfectly fine too. Altogether, expect to spend around three hours before leaving. In case you have time to spare: There is a little lake where I live, and walking around it is a nice way to ground yourself after the massage.


Most often my massages are improvised. They will cover the whole body, but not always in the same order or with the same kind of strokes, and the extent of body contact can also vary. Additionally, I offer Kashmiri tantra massage sessions. These follow a fixed sequence of positions and strokes, and will be described separately below.

Here’s a general overview of what a session in the improvised format might look like:

After our initial talk you will redress in a sarong (I might already be wearing mine) and then we move to the mat. We will probably start with a little ritual of sorts, either sitting or standing, in order to become more attuned, and to mark the transition from being in the mind (thoughts, social interaction, nervousness) to being in the body, sensations, and the present moment.

Then you lie down and I cover you with your sarong. Initially, the touch will be through the sarong, but we will soon remove it, and after a bit of light touch on dry skin, oil will be applied too. I will use my hands, forearms, and – according to the agreements we have made – perhaps more or less my whole body, until all of your body has been given attention, including (if agreed upon) intimate parts.

I recommend that you make use of the three ‘tantric keys’ during the massage: Breath, sound and movement. Breathe deeply and actively (but in a relaxed way). Breathe into the sensations you feel in your body. Express them with sound if they call for that. And follow your body’s impulses to move. These ‘keys’ help moving and amplifying the energy in your body. The more freely the energy moves, the more liberating the massage will feel.

When the massage is complete I will again cover you with a sarong, and you may rest in silence (or with sounds) in your own space for a few minutes while the energy and impressions settle. then you can dry yourself with a towel if needed, and get dressed. We end the session as it began: with a sharing – or perhaps just a glass of water.

Kashmiri tantra massage

This massage is quite unique. Most of the time you will rest in my lap with your bum against my belly while I apply a certain series of strokes on your body. It is a very comforting and sensuous experience and again, your whole body will receive touch. If agreed upon, there will also be genital touch, but it is not given special emphasis. It is said that this massage embraces both your inner child, your adult sensuality, and your spiritual essence.

Before and after the massage there will be a short guided meditation. The massage itself falls in five parts, each lasting around 20 minutes. The first four of these have you lying in my lap: On your left side, then right side, then front side down, then front side up. You will be partly covered with sarong(s) during these phases, and fully covered in the fifth phase where I will be sitting by your head touching specific points on your head and face. This phase will likely take you to a deeply relaxed, trance-like state where subtle healing can occur. In total, the massage and meditations will take around two hours.